Laser Games

COINS PER TICK: 0...8 are valid: 0 = games are FREE

CONTINUE COINS: 0...8 valid: 0=FREE game continuation

CREDITS PER TICK: 1 .8 are valid:

With this setup the player gets 3 plays (CREDITS PER TICK) per dollar (COINS PER TICK) but continuing only costs 50 cents. (Assuming 25 cent coins). It is likely that you'll want to set the CREDITS PER TICK value to 1 so that you get 1 game play for 4 coins (in this case) or for whatever number you have set COINS PER TICK to.

Valid settings for LEVEL are EASY/NORMAL/HARD. HARD means that you'll have more targets to shoot in some scenes before advancing to the next scene.

Selecting DONE will show you the RIGHT SLOT INFO screen.

Same as LEFT SLOT INFO except the LEVEL of difficulty appears only on the LEFT SLOT INFO screen.

Right & left slot setup can be different if desired.

Selecting DONE will show you an OTHER INFO menu.

You may select YES for DUAL LANGUAGE if you have a dual language disk in the laser disk player. If YES is selected, then the player will have a choice of languages when the game begins. Select the appropriate language by shooting at a flag which represents the language you wish.

Important Note: If you do NOT have a dual language disk, then selecting YES for DUAL LANGUAGE will cause the screen to go blank when the START switch is pushed to begin a game.

The ATTACT AUDIO selection determines how often the laser disk audio will be heard during the "attract mode". If you select YES, the audio will be heard every time through the attract mode. Selecting 1 means the audio will be silent on alternate times through. Selecting 5 means the audio will be silent 5 out of 6 times through. If dual language is selected, the attract mode will output the Japanese soundtrack.

Selecting TICKETS will show a TICKET INFO screen which allows enabling/disabling of the ticket dispenser and adjustment of ticket dispenser operation.

Selecting DONE returns to the top-level SERVICE MENU.

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