4 High Score Initial Mode

At the beginning of the high score initial mode, the player instructions appear at the top of the screen, and A__appears at the lower center of the display. Players enter initials one character at a time. By pressing the LEFT ROTATE pushbutton, the displayed character steps through the alphabet from A to Z. By pressing the RIGHT ROTATE pushbutton, the character steps backwards through the alphabet from A to a blank, then from Z to A.

Once the game displays the desired letter, players should press the HYPERSPACE pushbutton to record the letter; then an A appears in the next space.

If players need only two letters for their initials, they should use the blank between Z and A in one of the three locations. Pressing the HYPERSPACE pushbutton a third time will cause the initials and game score to be transferred to the "10 highest scores" listing that appears during the attract mode.

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