High voltages may exist in any television unit, even with power disconnected. Use extreme caution and do not touch electrical parts or the TV yoke area with your hands or with metal objects in your hands!

If you drop the TV monitor and it breaks, it will implode! Shattered glass and the yoke can fly 6 feet or more from the implosion. Use care when replacing any TV monitor.

If you should need to remove the Quadrascan X-Y TV monitor, follow steps 1 thru 6 on this page. Refer also to Figure 9 below.

1. Open the control panel as described in Section C, Opening the Control Panel. Be sure the game is unplugged from its wall outlet!

2. Remove the acrylic TV monitor shield by sliding its lower edge out.

3. Working up from the bottom side corners, carefully pry loose the two side flaps of the colorful 2-piece cardboard bezel. (A 4-inch strip of double-sided adhesive tape is centered behind both side flaps, flush with each edge.) Remove the bezel as a complete unit—do not remove the smaller part first.

4. Open the rear access panel and unplug the TV monitor harness connectors—both are on the TV's printed circuit boards.

5. Remove the four sets of carriage bolts, flat and split lock washers, and hex nuts that hold down the metal TV chassis.

6. Carefully slide the TV monitor chassis out the front of the game.

Disassemble in the order indicated

Disassemble in the order indicated

Figure 9 TV Monitor Removal

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