Printed Circuit Board Replacement

You may wish to remove the game printed circuit board (PCB) or the Regulator/Audio PCB for service or inspection. To do this, refer to Figure 10 and proceed as follows:

1. Open the rear access panel.

2. Locate the securing screws and fiber washers that hold down the PCB in its slots, and remove them. (The game PCB has two, the Regulator/ Audio PCB has one set of this fastening hardware.)

3. If you are removing the game board, first remove the two machine screws or tie wraps that fasten the edge connector to the game PCB. Then unplug the edge connector on the game PCB. If you are removing the Regulator/Audio PCB, simply disconnect the three small harness connectors on this board.

4. Carefully slide either PCB straight out of its slots. Be careful not to twist the board, as this may loosen connections or components. Replace or repair as required.

5. Reinstall the PCB, making sure that the connectors are properly plugged in. Note that they are keyed to fit on only one way, so if they don't slip on easily, don't force them! A reversed connector will probably damage your game and will void the warranty.

6. Replace the securing screws and fiber washers in the PCB. Reinstall the fasteners used to secure the edge connectors to the PCB. Close and lock the rear access panel.

7. Check that the operation of the game is correct and perform the self-test. This is especially important with any game when you replace a PCB. Normally the only adjustments on the Asteroids game are option switch changes (made on the 4-toggle and 8-toggle DIP switches). Unless you are qualified technician, do not turn any of the knobs^ near the game PCB's edge connector. Also *do not turn the small knobs on the Regulator!Audio PCB.

Arcade Monitor Schematic Diagram

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