Fluorescent Tube Replacement

If you drop a fluorescent tube and it breaks, it will implode! Shattered glass can fly 6 feet or more from the implosion. Use care when replacing any fluorescent tube.

To replace the white fluorescent tube behind the graphics attraction panel, follow this procedure (see Figure 11).

1. Remove the three Allen-head screws at the top of the game. They secure the metal retainer for the silk-screened panel. Remove the retainer completely.

2. Tilt the top of the attraction panel towards you, then lift it up and out of the bottom retainer.

3. Remove the two grey clips from the fluorescent tube. Now turn the tube one quarter turn in either direction. Remove the tube and both orange clips.

4. Replace with a new tube. If you move games a lot from one location to another, you should reuse the orange and grey clips. They provide extra protection against vibration loosening the tube out of its fixture.

5. Close up the game by following these instructions in reverse order.

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