Interlock and Power OnOff Switches

c. Note the location of the game's serial number—it is on the metallic label on the back of the game cabinet. Verify that the serial numbers also stamped on the Game PCB, Regulator/Audio PCB and TV Monitor are all identical. A drawing of the serial number locations is on the inside front cover of this manual. Please mention this number whenever you call your distributor for service.

d. Check all major subassemblies such as the power supply, control panel and TV monitor for secure mounting.

To minimize the hazard of electrical shock while working on the inside of the game cabinet, two interlock switches have been installed (see Figure 4). One is located behind the access panel and one is behind the coin door. These switches remove all AC line power from the game circuitry when a door is opened.

Check for proper operation of the interlock switches by performing the following steps:

1. Unlock and open the access panel and the coin door.

2. Plug the AC line power cord into an AC outlet.

3. Close the access panel and coin door.




Figure 3 Power Supply

Figure 3 Power Supply

Figure 4 Interlock and Power On/Off Switches


Figure 4 Interlock and Power On/Off Switches

4. Set the power on/off switch to the on position. Within 30 seconds the TV monitor should display a picture.

5. Slowly open the rear access panel. The TV monitor picture should disappear when the panel is opened approximately 2.5cm (1 inch). Close and lock the access panel and repeat this step with the coin door.

6. If the results of step 5 are satisfactory, the interlock switches are operating properly. If the TV monitor doesn't go off as described, check to see if the corresponding interlock switch is broken from its mounting or stuck in the on position.

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