4 High Score Initial Mode

At the beginning of the high score initial mode, the player instructions appear at the top of the screen, and A ___appears at the lower center of the display. Players enter initials one character at a time. By pressing the LEFT ROTATE pushbutton, the display character steps through the alphabet from A to Z. By pressing the RIGHT ROTATE pushbutton, the character steps through the alphabet from A to a blank, then from Z to A.

Once the game displays the desired letter, players should press the HYPERSPACE pushbutton to record the letter: then an A appears in the next space.

If players need only two letters for their initials, they should use the blank between Z and A in one of the three locations. Pressing the HYPERSPACE pushbutton a third time will cause the initials and game score to be transferred to the "10 highest scores" listing that appears during the attract mode.

This Atari game requires certain maintenance to keep it in good working order. Clean, properly maintained games attract players and earn more profits.

The most important maintenance item is running the self-test every time you collect money from the cash box. Just looking at a game will not tell you If LED switches or leaf switches are broken or if LEDs have burned out. The self-test will inform you of any of these problems.

Second, you should regularly clean the outside of the game and the coin acceptor. In addition, you will need to regularly clean the leaf switch contacts: for details see this chapter.

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