Figure 15 Control Panel Assembly A03591001 C

Part No. Description (Reference Designations and Locations in Bold)

A035842-01 Control Panel Harness Assembly

A036046-01 Button Assembly

75-9910N0 #5/8-11 Stamped Nut

160001-001 Switch with Button Holder

NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS RECEIVING THIS DHAWING CONFIDENTIAL; Reproduction forbidden witftoul the specific written permission ol Alari, Inc. Sunnyvale. California This drawing is only conditionally issued, and neither receipt nor possession thereol confers or transfers any right in, or license to use. ihe subject matter of the drawing or any design or technical information shown thereon, nor any right to reproduce this drawing or any part thereof, except for manufacture by vendors of Atari, incor poraled and lor manufacture under the corporation's vynt ten license no right to reproduce this drawing 15 granted or the subieci mailer thereof unless by written agreement with or written permission from ti»e corporation

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