1 Line Voltage Selection

This game has two possible power supplies: the U.S. or international power supply. The U.S. power supply operates on one line voltage range: 105 to 135 VAC. The international power supply has four colored voltage selection plugs and operates on the line voltage of almost any country in the world.

Before plugging in your game, check your power supply. If the supply doesn't have voltage selection plugs and a connector at J3 (see Figure 3), then the game operates on any voltage from 105 to 135 VAC. If the supply has the colored voltage selection plugs, make sure that the voltage selection plug is correct for your location's line voltage. Check the wire color on the plug and see if it is correct per the list below.

Line Voltage Range Voltage Selection Plug Color

90-110 VAC (100) Violet

105-135 VAC (120) Yellow

200-240 VAC (220) Blue

220-260 VAC (240) Brown

Figure 3 International Line Voltage Selection

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