Monitor Removal

If you should need to remove the Quadrascan X-Y

monitor, follow steps 1 thru 4 as listed on this page.

Refer to Figure 11.

1. Unplug the game from its wall outlet. Open the coin door. Reach in the opening and unplug the 12-pin harness connector underneath the monitor.

2. Open the rear access panel. Unplug the harness connector located at the center left side of the access panel opening.

3. Locate the two brass-colored "L" brackets that fasten down the wood monitor shelf. Remove the two sets of carriage bolts, flat and split lock washers, and hex nuts that secure the monitor assembly to these brackets.

4. Carefully bend the bottom rear flap of the large background bezel completely inward. (If the flap has tape on each end, cut thru the tape first.) Slide the monitor chassis out the rear of the game. _.

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