Blacklight For Asteroids Deluxe

Adjust switches for a narrow gap. When a switch button is depressed, the resulting wiping action of the contacts provides a self-cleaning feature.

If you need to replace the blacklight tube, remove the two Phillips screws that secure the light board to the cabinet, and slide out the whole assembly. The harness has plenty of length, so you can pull the assembly about two feet out of the game.

Remove the two Y-shaped connectors from the ends of the fluorescent tube: you may find it helpful to use a flat-head screwdriver. Now carefully remove the tube from its clamps by pulling it towards you.

Replace with a new tube. Do not snap the tube in vigorously—you may break it, causing an implosion!

Reconnect the Y-shaped connectors. Reinstall the fluorescent light assembly with the two screws (if you removed it). Replace the attraction panel on the front of the game. When tightening the Allen screws, be sure the top retainer strip is pushed tightly back against the attraction panel.

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