Figure 1-1 Football Control Panel

Figure 1-2 Football Cabinet Assembly

The coin mechanism on the front mid-portion of the game cabinet, below the table top as illustrated in Figure 1-1, initiates the play, when a coin or coins are deposited. The cash box is located behind a locked access door. The Football cabinet is shipped to you with an optional wood base as illustrated in Figure 1-2. This base is initially mounted at the factory for shipping convenience.

The Football game is another unique concept developed by Atari, which provides the illusion of realism, the realism of action as the players scrimmage and battle for the goal line. The competitive participation of the two opposing players increases as they put their spirit into the track ball.

The object of your Atari Football game is for the offensive player (displayed as O's) to score a touchdown at the goal line. This goal line is at the end zone away from the offensive player. The offensive player in possession of the ball must travel or run in the forward direction regardless of which control panel is being used.

The defensive player (displayed as X's) must keep the offense from reaching the goal line. The offensive player has the ability to scheme and maneuver his plays by selecting one of the four plays available at his or her con trol panel (2 pass plays and 2 running plays—see Chapter 2). The defense must out-guess the offensive opponent to either gain possession of the ball or block the opponent's path to the goal line. When the defense gains possession of the ball the X's change to O's and vice versa. The interchange continues as the offense tries to score and the defense attempts to stop the offense and regain possession of the ball.

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