Calibrating the Joystick

The joystick control is calibrated at the factory. However, if you repair the joystick or you think the joystick does not respond correctly, perform the following procedure. Do this procedure only after you have checked the centering and found that the joystick must be adjusted.

1. To adjust a potentiometer, turn the inset slotted screw on the potentiometer on the joystick PCB. See Figure 3-4. Do not turn the long screws sticking out over the edge of the joystick PCB.

The R7 potentiometer controls the horizontal value and the R6 potentiometer controls the vertical value. Turn the inset slotted screws on the potentiometers so the horizontal and vertical set-up values are equal or very close to 80. (See Figure 3-3-) Turning the screw clockwise increases the value.

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