Adjust only the potentiometers. Do not move the long screws on the PCB. If you turn the long screws, you can destroy the Hall-effect sensors. See Figure 3-3 if you are not sure which screws to turn.

2. Check the centering by moving the + to one corner of the white box and releasing the joystick. A small white ■ should return to the center. If it does not, and the + sign remains outside the small green box or the 4> is inside the small green box, adjust the potentiometer.

Move the cursor to each of the four corners and adjust the potentiometer until you always see a ■ in the small green box when you release the joystick from the corner position.

3. The numbers above each calibration box should be very close to 80.

4. If adjusting the potentiometer does not change the centering, the problem may be with the potentiometer. However, this is very unlikely.

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