Self Test

Use the Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters™ kit self-test to check the condition of the game circuitry and controls. You will see the self-test information on the video display and hear the sound test information through the speakers. You do not need any additional equipment to perform the self-test.

Perform the self-test when you first set up the game, each time you collect the money, or when you suspect game failure.

Enter the self-test by turning on the self-test switch on the stand-alone audio PCB or on the main PCB in the drawer. After the sound test (the last screen), the sequence starts over with the controls test. If you turn off the self-test switch at any time during the self-test, the game returns to the attract mode.

This chapter shows the screens in the self-test and explains each of the tests. The screens and explanations are arranged in the order they appear in the self-test. Table 2-1 lists all the self-test screens and their purposes.

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