Cplay mode

Play mode is initiated when both start/shoot/jump buttons are depressed, provided that the required minimum number of coins has been accepted by the game A short tune is played, and both men appear on the screen. The ball drops onto the court from above to begin play. The player who gets the ball attempts to dribble Into shooting position Sound effects of the ball being dribbled accompany the action The Atari Trak Ballâ„¢ is used for directional and speed control of the men displayed on the screen. Shooting (man with ball) and jumping to block shots (man without ball) are done with the start/shoot/jump buttons.

If the defensive player can maneuver his man into position directly in front of the man with the ball, the ball can be "stolen". When the offensive player depresses his start/ shoot/jump button, his man brings back his arm before shooting. When the button is released, the shot is made. The longer the button is held down before release, the farther the ball travels when shot. Each time a basket is scored, the player who made the shot is awarded two points The scoreboard is at the top of the display. At the end of the game, the unit plays its short tune once again. If additional coins are not deposited before the game timer reads "0:00", the game returns to the attract mode, but the score continues to be shown.

If only one player is participating, he plays against the game's computer. In this case, the play mode is initiated by pressing only one of the start/shoot/jump buttons If the second button is not pressed within a few seconds, the game will initiate play as a single-player game. The computer becomes "tougher" as the player begins to run up a score on it. If the player gets eight points ahead, the computer controlled "man" begins jumping to block shots This provides a greater challenge to the player. In all other respects, the single player game is the same as the two-player contest

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