H game printed circuit board

You may wish to remove the game's printed circuit board

(PCB) for service or inspection. To do this, proceed as follows:

• Switch the game power off and open the rear access door.

• Locate the screw that secures the game PCB in its slots (see Figure 3-6) and remove it.

• Carefully slide the PCB out of its slots, and unplug the edge connector. Be careful not to twist the board, as this may loosen connections or components.

• Perform the maintenance, etc. as required.

• Replace the PCB, making sure that the edge connector is properly plugged in. Note it is keyed to fit in only one position, so if it doesn't slip on easily, don't force it!

• Replace the securing screw through the hole in the PCB.

• Close and lock the rear access panel.

• Turn the power switch on and check that the operation of the game is correct (by playing the gamel

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