Parts List

SPDT Momentary-Contact Pushbutton Start Switch with Red Light-Emitting Diode Flat Nylon Washer, 0.470 inside diameter x 0.968 outside diameter x 0.075 thick Vinyl Foam Single-Coated-Adhesive Tape, 1 8 thick x 1A wide Wood Support Block for Control Handles NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS RECEIVING THIS DRAWING CONFIDENTIAL Reproduction forbidden without the specific written permission of Atari, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. This drawing is only conditionally issued, and neither receipt nor possession thereof...

Game Serial Number Location

Your game's serial number is stamped on a plate on the outside of the game. The same number is also stamped on the chassis of the TV monitor, Regulator Audio II PCB, Battlezone Analog Vector-Generator PCB, and Battle-zone Auxiliary PCB. Please mention this number whenever calling your distributor for service. BATTLEZONE ANALOG VECTOR-GENERATOR PCB BATTLEZONE ANALOG VECTOR-GENERATOR PCB