Parts List

Description Reference Designations and Locations in Bold 12-52P7 16-54 PO 19-100P1015 19-315102 24-250108 4 Ohm, 5 , 5W Wirewound Resistor R25 .1 Ohm, 3 , 7W Wirewound Resistor R24 1K Ohm Vertical PCB-Mounting Cermet Trimpot R8 1000 uf Aluminum Electrolytic Fixed Axial-Lead 25V Capacitor C13 24-250477 24-350226 24-350338 24-500105 29-088 470 uf Aluminum Electrolytic Fixed Axial-Lead 25V Capacitor C1, 4, 12 22 uf Aluminum Electrolytic Fixed Axial-Lead 35V Capacitor C24, 31 3300 uf Aluminum...

Game Serial Number Location

Your game's serial number is stamped on a plate on the outside of the game. The same number is also stamped on the chassis of the TV monitor, Regulator Audio II PCB, Battlezone Analog Vector-Generator PCB, and Battle-zone Auxiliary PCB. Please mention this number whenever calling your distributor for service. BATTLEZONE ANALOG VECTOR-GENERATOR PCB BATTLEZONE ANALOG VECTOR-GENERATOR PCB

Operation Maintenance and Service Manual

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