1 Analog Vector Generator and Auxiliary PCB Removal

• Unlock and open the access panel.

• Unplug the 24-pin PCB interconnector from the Auxiliary PCB or the Analog Vector-Generator PCB (whichever board you are removing).

• Remove the 44-pin edge connector from the right side of the PCB.

• Locate the Phillips-head screw that extends through the PCB and into the wood block (at the right side of the board). Remove this screw.

• Remove the PCB from the cabinet by pulling it out of the plastic PCB retainer.

• Reinstall the PCB, making sure that the 44-pin edge connector is properly plugged in. Note that the connector is keyed to fit on only one way, so if it doesn't slip on easily, don't force it! A reversed connector will probably damage your game and will void the warranty.

• Check that the operation of the game is correct by performing the self-test. This is especially important with any game when you replace a PCB.

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