3 Play Mode

The play mode begins when the start pushbutton is pressed. The start LED will then stay on, and the audio will begin. The mode ends when the player's last tank of the game is lost.

The game starts with the slow tank visible on the screen. The player can determine the position of either type of tank or the missile by reading the messages in the upper left corner of the screen. For example, ENEMY TO RIGHT may be displayed. In addition, the sweeping radar display shows a dot for the enemy's location, accompanied by a sonar "blip" sound.

The upper pie-shaped area on the radar represents the player's range of view on the screen below. If the enemy falls within this area, it will be shown on the screen below and will be accompanied by the message ENEMY IN RANGE.

Occasionally the flying saucer appears on the screen. It is a harmless observer to the battle and will not destroy the enemy or player. Its position is never shown on the radar, but players can earn 5,000 points for shooting it down. The saucer does act as a distraction, though, since it usually appears at the same time as the enemy tanks or missile. Saucers can be shot down by the player as well as enemy tanks.

Scoring for hitting the enemy is as follows: the slow tank earns a player 1,000 points; the missile earns 2,000 points; and the super tank earns 3,000 points. A super tank moves and turns twice as fast as both the slow tank and the player's tank.

Several options allow operators to set the Battle-zoneā„¢ game for 2 through 5 tanks, for giving a bonus tank after earning various point scores, and for adjusting difficulty by having the missile appear for the first time at various point scores. For information on how to set your game for these options, refer to Figure 7 in this manual.

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