4 High Score Initial Mode

If a player's score exceeds the minimum on the high score initial list, he or she may put up to three initials on this list at the end of the game. The instructions are self-explanatory and are provided in four languages.

Note that this list is erased whenever you enter the self-test, press the RESET button on the Battle-zoneā„¢ Analog Vector-Generator PCB, or turn off the power. This resetting will put a list of ten "highest" scores and initials on the screen (to provide player challenge).

Any score on the list over 100,000 points is specially highlighted with a tank symbol following the player's initials. If a player doesn't enter his or her initials within about 60 seconds, the game will automatically enter dashes instead. After this, the game reverts to the attract mode.

5 Maintenance and Repair

All games require certain maintenance to keep them in good working order. Clean, properly maintained games will attract players and earn more profits.

The most important maintenance item is running the self-test every time you collect money from the cash box. Just looking at a game will not tell you if the control handle switches, fire button, or start switch is broken, or if the LED has burned out. The self-test will inform you of any of these possible problems.

Second, you should regularly clean the outside of the game and the coin mechanisms. In addition, you will need to regularly lubricate the control handle: for details see this chapter.


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