D TV Monitor Removal


High voltages may exist in any television monitor, even with power disconnected. Use extreme caution and do not touch electrical parts of the TV yoke area with your hands or with metal objects in your hands! If you drop the TV monitor and it breaks, it will implode! Shattered glass and the yoke can fly 6 feet or more from the implosion. Use care when replacing any TV monitor.

If you should need to remove the Quadrascan X-Y TV monitor, follow steps 1 thru 6 as listed on this page. Refer to Figure 12.

1. Unplug the harness connector underneath the TV monitor. Be sure the game is unplugged from its wall outlet!

2. Remove the two sets of carriage bolts, flat and split lock washers, and hex nuts that hold down the TV chassis. (This hardware is located at the left and right side of the monitor, near the access panel opening.)

3. Carefully slide the TV monitor chassis out the rear of the game.

4. If you must replace the TV monitor, place the red and green overlays on the face of the new picture tube as follows. Place the red overlay within the top 4 inches of the screen; then butt up the green overlay to the red one. (These overlays may overlap by a maximum of 1/8 inch.)

5. Once the monitor has been installed in the cabinet, check for proper alignment with the graphics bezel as follows. The horizon line (the floor of the valley) should be even with the short horizontal line in the graphics bezel. This line is located between the two screws in the bezel design.

Also, the vertical center line of the gunsight should be directly under the D in RADAR (at the top center of the bezel).

Figure 13 Mirror Removal

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