Figure 1 Overview of Game

• Atari's X-Y game circuitry has expanded into two interconnected printed-circuit boards—the

Analog Vector-Generator and the Auxiliary PCBs. The circuitry produces more lines on the screen at a faster rate, thus creating a smoother screen image.

• This game includes a newly designed power supply assembly. This power supply has a larger transformer to handle the increased power requirements of the expanded game circuitry.

• Battlezone's new cabinet design will accept Atari's new deep-well coin box that holds more coins. The cabinet also includes a removable footstep for the convenience of shorter players. (If you do not wish to mount this footstep on the front of the game, you can store the footstep inside the cabinet.)

These new parts, as well as all other major parts in the game, are illustrated in Figure 1. Throughout this manual, wherever one of these new parts is mentioned, you will see this symbol:

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