Figure 9 Coin Counter Option Settings

[These toggles determine which coin mechanisms activate which counters]

Toggle Settings of 4-Toggle Switch on Game PCB (at L11) 4 3 2 1

For Games Having These Coin Doors:


Thai 1 Baht/1 Baht, German 1 DM/1 DM, U.S. 25«/-25®, Belgian or French 5 Fr/5 Fr, Swiss or French 1 Fr/1 Fr, U.S. 25<t/25«/25«, Japanese Y100/Y100, Swedish 1 Kr/1 Kr, U.K. 10 P/10 P, Australian 20®/-20®, or Italian 100 L/100 L.

German 2 DM/1 DM, German 1 DM/5 DM, U.S. 25®/-25®/$1, or U.S. 25®/$1.

No coin door is currently designed for this configuration.

All 3 coin mechanisms are same denomination; all register on one coin counter.

Left and center mechanisms are same denomination; right mech is another denomination. Requires two coin counters.

Left mech is one denomination; center and right mech are another denomination. Requires two coin counters.

Left, center and right mechs are 3 different denominations. Requires three coin counters.

GctlTIG PlcIV tions. You may enter this mode at any time. When

•/ entered, all game credits are cancelled and the high score initials are reset.

Atari's Battlezone™ is a one-player game with an X-Y or vector-generation monitor. The game depicts a first-person view from inside a tank. The battles are fought in a large valley that is completely surrounded by mountains and volcanos. The valley floor contains pyramids and boxes that can provide temporary protection for players. (These cannot be destroyed by shots.)

The enemy consists of slow and fast "super" tanks and intelligent missiles—all of which become more evasive as the game progresses. In addition, flying saucers appear periodically. These don't shoot at players, but players can get very high point scores for shooting them.

The Battlezone game has five possible modes of operation: Attract, Ready-to-Play, Play, High Score Initial, and Self-Test. Self-test is a special mode for checking the game switches and computer func-

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