To avoid possible unpleasant electrical shock, do not touch internal parts of the TV monitor with your hands or metal objects held in your hands!

Note the location of the game's serial number—it is printed on the special label on the outside of the game cabinet. Verify that the serial numbers also stamped on the Battlezone Analog Vector-Generator PCB, Auxiliary PCB, Regulator/Audio II PCB and TV Monitor are all identical. A drawing of the serial number locations is on the inside front cover of this manual. Please mention this number whenever you call your distributor for service.

Check all major subassemblies such as the power supply, control panel and TV monitor for secure mounting.

Finally, turn on the game and look at the screen through the player's viewing hole. Check that the radar "screen" is centered in the bright orange-banded round hole of the graphics bezel. If it's misaligned, locate the tape that holds the graphics bezel to the wood mounting. You will find the tape at the rear of the monitor, and the graphics bezel is the upper cardboard. Carefully remove the tape. Then shift the bezel until the TV-monitor image is centered in the hole of the bezel.

C. Game


Figure 2 Installation Requirements


Temperature Humidity Space Required

Game Height

175 watts

0 to 38°C (32 to 100°F) Not over 95% relative With footstep: 64 x 841/2 cm (251/4 x 331/4 in.) Without footstep: 64 x 64 cm (25V4 x 251/4 in.) 190 cm (743/4 in.)

Figure 3 Line Voltage Selection

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