Changing Fluorescent Lights



• When replacing lamps and fluorescent lights, be sure to begin procedures after

turning off the cabinet and pulling out the plug.


• Do not strongly jolt lamps and fluorescent lights. Doing so may cause personal


injury and accidents from breakage.



• Even when the power has been turned off, lamps, fluorescent lights and surrounding areas may still be extremely hot. When working on the cabinet, make sure such parts have cooled sufficiently. Failing to check these parts and working on the cabinet may result in accidents and burns.

• Use a step ladder for changing fluorescent lights. Failing to do so may cause accidents and personal injury._


Prepare the items listed below before beginning procedures. • Tools Phillips screwdriver

1. Remove the M4 x 30 small truss-head screws from the positions shown in the diagram. (There is one screw on each side.)

2. Raise the lamp box slightly and pull it out toward you. (The lamp box fits into the grooves on top of the monitor section.)

3. Replace the fluorescent light tube (20W) and ballast (FG1E) with new ones.

4. Attach the lamp box following the procedures above in reverse.

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