Safety Precautions

Install the cabinet following the explanations and procedures in this manual. Failing to do so may create the danger of electric shock and personal injury. Be sure to connect the ground cord. If the cabinet is not properly grounded, it may cause an electric shock in the event of a short circuit. This cabinet is for indoor-use only. Under no circumstances should it be placed outdoors or in the locations listed below. So doing may cause damage to the cabinet and accidents.

— Indoor pools, areas near a shower, and other locations where humidity is high.

— In areas exposed to direct sunlight.

— In areas that are excessively hot, like next to a heater. In areas around dangerous materials.

— In places that are excessively dusty.

— In areas prone to leaking and flooding.

— Near ventilators and areas of severe temperature extremes.

— On inclines, areas subject to severe jolts, and other unstable locations.

— Near fire fighting facilities and emergency exits.

Do not block the ventilation openings in the rear of the cabinet. Doing so will increase the internal temperature of the cabinet and may cause fire and damage to the cabinet.

Do not place containers with liquids (drinks, etc.) or small metal objects on the machine. Should liquids or conductive materials fall into the machine, it may result in fire and electric shock.

Be sure to use an outlet rated at AC220V - 240V and insert the plug into a specialized outlet. If other high-capacity products (air conditioners and large-size cabinets, etc.) are used on the same power line, this may result in accidents such involving fire and electric shock as well as damage to the cabinet. Do not damage, modify, or place heavy objects on the cord. Also, do not place the cord near heated objects. Doing so may break the cord and cause fire and electric shock.

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