Dipswitch Test

The DIP-Switch Test allows operators to check the position of the two 8-position DIP-switches on the CPU Board. The operator can also change the setting of any DIP-switch without removing the CPU cover.

To enter the test, use a joystick to select the DIP-switch Test and any control panel button to activate it. The screen displays an illustration of each switch block. Some switch positions may show as unused.

DIP-switches may be changed with the power on. Set any switch, then check the screen to verify that the new setting is now enabled. Country switch settings have no effect if CMOS Coinage Control is set to On.

Refer to the charts for assistance in choosing the desired switch positions (* indicates factory defaults). Graphics Mode 512 x 256 15KHz is best for most standard resolution video game monitors; the factory default Graphics Mode 512 x 384 25KHz is correct for most medium resolution video game monitors. Incorrect settings will affect other test results. Press any control panel button to exit the DIP-switch Test.

DIP Switch 1 (U9)

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