3 Operation


To avoid injury and trouble, be sure to constantly give careful attention to the behavior and manner of the visitors and players.

In order to avoid accidents, check the following before starting the operation:

£ To ensure maximum safety for the players and the customers, ensure that where the product is operated has sufficient lighting to allow any warnings to be read. Operation under insufficient lighting can cause bodily contact with each other, hitting accident, and or trouble between customers.

0 Be sure to perform appropriate adjustment of the monitor (projector). For operation of this machine, do not leave monitor's flickering or deviation as is. Failure to observe this can have a bad influence upon the players' or the customers' physical conditions.

£ It is suggested to ensure a space allowing the players who feel sick while playing the game to take a rest.

£ Check if all of the adjusters are in contact with the surface. If they are not, the Cabinet can move and cause an accident.

Ensure that all of the Adjusters are in contact with the floor.


Do not put any heavy item on this product. Placing any heavy item on the product can cause a falling down accident or parts damage.

Do not climb on the product. Climbing on the product can cause falling down accidents. To check the top portion of the product, use a step.

To avoid electric shock, check to see if door & cover parts are damaged or omitted.

To avoid electric shock, short circuit and or parts damage, do not put the following items on or in the periphery of the product. Flower vases, flowerpots, cups, water tanks, cosmetics, and receptacles/ containers/vessels containing chemicals and water.

To avoid injury, be sure to provide sufficient space by considering the potentially crowded situation at the installation location. Insufficient installation space can cause making bodily contact with each other, hitting accidents, and or trouble between customers.

Players with bare hands directly hold the maracas. For operation, it is recommended that the wet towels (paper towels) be provided.


To avoid injury and trouble, be sure to constantly give careful attention to the behavior and manner of the visitors and players.


0 To avoid injury and accidents, those who fall under the following categories are not allowed to play the game.

• Those who need assistance such as the use of an apparatus when walking.

• Those who have high blood pressure or a heart problem.

• Those who have experienced muscle convulsion or loss of consciousness when playing video game, etc.

• Those who have a trouble in the neck and or spinal cord.

• Intoxicated persons.

• Pregnant women or those who are in the likelihood of pregnancy.

• Persons susceptible to motion sickness.

• Persons whose act runs counter to the product's warning displays.

0 A player who has never been adversely affected by light stimulus might experience dizziness or headache depending on his physical condition when playing the game. Especially, small children can be subject to those conditions. Caution guardians of small children to keep watch on their children during play. £ Instruct those who feel sick during play to have a medical examination. 0 To avoid injury resulting from falling down and electric shock due to spilled drinks, instruct the player not to place heavy items or drinks on the product. 0 To avoid electric shock and short circuit, do not allow customers to put hands and fingers or extraneous matter in the openings of the product or small openings in or around the doors. Q To avoid falling down and injury resulting from falling down, immediately stop the customer's leaning against or climbing on the product, etc. £ To avoid electric shock and short circuit, do not allow the customers to unplug the power plug without a justifiable reason.


Immediately stop such violent acts as hitting and kicking the product. Such violent acts can cause parts damage or falling down, resulting in injury due to fragments and falling down.





Width X Length X Height



800 mm X 997 mm X 1,900mm

180 kg

When assembled

800 mm X 997 mm X 2,044 mm

180 kg

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