Menu System

The game's Menu System is a series of auditing, game adjustments and diagnostic screens. You can easily access and apply these screens to optimize game performance. For instance Use game audit screens to assess game performance. Use adjustment screens to help you customize game performance. For example, you can restore factory default game settings. You can also calibrate player controls for player accuracy. Use diagnostic screens to verify proper equipment operation. Open the coin door. Locate...

Inspect Kit 44072

Kit 44072 contains artwork, a CPU Board assembly, PLD assemblies and the cables necessary to convert all cabinet styles (except motion games) of Cruis'n USA , Cruis'n World and OffRoad Challenge into Cruis'n Exotica . Unpack the materials from the carton and check for obvious signs of damage. Use this checklist to be sure the kit is complete. NOTE Thoroughly read and understand instructions prior to performing a conversion.