11 Physical Description Of Game

Atari's Dominos is a one or two-player video action game packaged in its own distinctively styled upright cabinet that rests directly on the floor. A 23-inch TV monitor is mounted in the top front of the cabinet, with the monitor viewing screen tilted back from vertical. (Drawing number A007620-01, in Section IX of this manual, provides external and sectional views of the game cabinet.) The TV monitor viewing screen is covered with a plexiglas panel.

Player-operated conlrols are mounted side-by-side on a panel directly below the TV monitor viewing screen on the front of the game cabinet. The consist of two sets of four pushbutton switches, (with one set on the left side of the panel and the other on the right), and two START pushbuttons (near the center of the panel). Indications of the effects on game play that result from depressing a pushbutton are depicted in the panel graphics that surround the two sets of pushbuttons. The START pushbuttons contain I.FDs that will backlight these switches at various times during game operation.

Two identical coin mechanisms are mounted on the lower front center of the cabinet, below the player control panel. Either coin mechanisms can initiate play. The cash box is located behind a locked access door to the coin mechanisms.

Two speakers are also mounted on the front of the cabinet, on each side of the coin mechanisms. Both speakers produce identical sounds during game play.

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