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This subsection provides a technical description of the Dominos electroniccircuitry. Scction IX of this manual contains schematic diagrams, assembly drawings, and parts lists referred to in the following subparagraphs of this section.

On the Dominos PCB schematic diagram, drawing number 007305, the symbol P (appearing at various inputs of the integrated circuits) indicates a connection to -rSVDC through one of the pull-up resisters R1, R2, R4, R33, or R38.

For easy reference, the Dominos PCB is divided inio grid sections. These sections are identified by letters A through R (skipping letters C, l,0,and Q because they may be easily confused with numbers 6, 1, and 0 respectively) for the short side of the PCB, and numbers 1 through 9 for the long side of the PCB. For example, sheet 1 of drawing number 007305 illustrates a NAND buffer R9 at the upper left-hand corner of the drawing. The component hardware of NAND buffer R9 will be found at coordinates R and 9 on the PCB.

The following circuitry discussion is separated into two sections; the microcomputer circuitry and the game circuitry. Figure 4-1 is a block diagram of the entire Dominos PCB.

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