73 Removing And Installing The Tv Monitor

(a) Unlock and open rear access door.

(b) Unplug the 12-pin Molex connector from the chassis of the TV monitor.

(c) Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen and remove two #8 flat-head wood screws from the top side of the wood TV Shelf Assembly.

(d) Remove the Control Panel Assembly by loosening and removing the four wing nuts that fasten the panel to the cabinet. Move the control panel aside far enough so that (he TV Shelf Assembly is free to slide out of the cabinet.

(e) With a '/s-inch hex wrench, remove the two Button-Head Sockef-Cap Screws that hold the Plexiglas Retainer.

(f) Remove the black Plexiglas Retainer, then the plexiglas Display Light Shield.

(g) Carefully remove the Card Board Bezel.

(h) Slowly and carefully, slide the TV Shelf Assembly up and out of the game cabinet.

(i) To reinstall the TV Shelf Assembly into the game cabinet, follow the preceding steps (a) through (h) in the reverse order. Before installing the TV Shelf Assembly, make sure the aluminum foil around the front edge of the wooden base of the TV Shelf Assembly is not damaged. If damaged, replace.

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