Kit Parts Inventory 2

Tools Required 3

Conversion Instructions

A. Remove the Printed-Circuit Boards 4

B. Disassemble the Game PCB Set 5

C. Modify the Analog Vector-Generator PCB 5

D. Modify the Main PCB 5

E. Modify the Sound PCB 8

F. Assemble the Game PCB Set 10

G. Set the Game Options 10

H. Install the PCB Set in the Cabinet 11

I. Perform a Self-Test 12

J. Troubleshooting Guide 12

K. Ensure Display is Modified Correctly 13

Deflection PCB Modifications 1-t

High-Voltage PCB Modifications 15

L. Apply the Flight-Control Decal 16

M. Apply the Game Attraction-Panel Decal 16

N. Apply the Title Decals 1"


P. Correct the Self-Test Label 18

Q. Flight Control Check 18


Attract Mode 20

Select-a-Difficulty Mode 22

Play Mode ' 22

High-Score Mode 23


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