Selecting the Coin and Credit Options

Settings of the game coin and credit option switches are explained in Table 1-2. Options preset at the factory are shown by the symbols. However, you may change the settings according to your individual needs.

To verify other option selections, check the self-test display that appears when you turn on the game. Then, verify the option switch settings on the self-test display as described in Chapter 2, Checking Option Settings.

Table 1-2 describes the settings for the DIP switch at location SW1. This switch selects the game coin and credit options available for the left and right coin mechanisms.

The basic unit of measurement is a coin worth $.25 or 1 DM. Thus, if you have a 2 DM/1 DM coin door with two coin counters, set switch 5 at location SW1 to on. Then, different denominations are counted on the two coin counters.

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