Shock Hazard

To avoid electrical shock, do not plug in the game until the procedures in Sections D and E have been completed!

Do not touch internal parts of the display with your hands or with metal objects held in your hands!

1. Examine the exterior of the game cabinet for dents, chips, or broken parts.

2. Remove the screws from the rear access panel.

Unlock and open this panel and the coin door; inspect the interior of the game as follows:

a. Ensure that all plug-in connectors (on the game harnesses) are firmly plugged in. Replug any connectors found unplugged. Do not force connectors together. The connectors are keyed so they only fit in the proper orientation. A reversed edge connector may damage a PCB and will void your warranty.

b. Ensure that all plug-in integrated circuits on the PCB are firmly plugged into their sockets.

c. Remove the tie-wrap that secures the coiled power cord inside the cabinet. Inspect the power cord for any cuts or dents in the insulation. Repair or replace it as required. Place the square strain-relief plate in the wood slot at the bottom of the rear panel opening.

d. Inspect major subassemblies, such as the power supply, control panel, video display, and EMI cage. Make sure they are mounted securely and that the green ground wires are connected.

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