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Are you looking for a way to increase the capabilities of your football team? Is your football team leaving something to be desired? Are you looking to skyrocket your team's effectiveness with the most effective drills and plays?

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These Youth Football Playbooks give you the ability to lead your youth football team to win after win through a series of three eBooks: T Formation, Pistol Offense, and Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense books. Each eBook contains over 70 fully diagrammed, full color plays and a full series based offense. This is not simple a collection of plays; it is a full guide of strategies. Each guide not only contains how to run the play; it gives additional runs and plays that compliment the main strategy. There are simply blocking strategies that you can easily teach your players. As a bonus, the T Formation eBook contains 8 Wildcat Formation Plays you can teach your team. This set of eBooks will help you coach your youth football team on a level they understand.

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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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General Information

This chapter provides a general overview of the theory of operation of the Football electronics contained on the game printed circuit board (PCB). It also goes into specific detail of the various circuits to explain to an individual of moderate technical background how these circuits should perform. This detailed information has been organized with emphasis placed on troubleshooting the game PCB, circuit by circuit. The Football game block diagram of Figure 3-1 illustrates the major components, including all controls remote to the game PCB. The function and direction of the information to and from these various controls is also shown. The Football PCB block diagram in Figure 3-2 illustrates the division and function of the various circuits located on the game PCB and how they are controlled by the microprocessor. Refer to Figure 3-2 as you go through the following circuit descriptions.

Maintenance and Upkeep Procedure

The winning coach will always tell you offense wins games, but defense wins championships To keep your All-American Football a fine-tuned machine, you must defend the game from dirty or improperly adjusted monitors, sticky coin mechs, or poorly adjusted player controls. With the proper defensive moves, you will enjoy the success of a championship season.

Motion Object Generator

The motion object generator produces characters such as the football and the Xs and Os. These motion objects are generated by the same circuitry found in the scrollfield generator (see Figure 3-15), while the actual graphics are permanently stored in PROMs C5 and D5 (see Figure 3-17). This circuitry is used for motion objects when 256H is low, and for scrollfield when 256H is high. The RAWVID signal from the parallel to serial shift register A6 is connected to OR gate K3. This gate ORs the raw video (RAWVID) from the scrollfield circuitry and the data out (DO) from the RAM K6 which was cleared while the information on that line was being read out. The procedure is as follows for each motion object

Plater Control Panel

The Atari Football game consists of two player control panels (a control panel is illustrated in Figure 2-1). These two control panels are operated simultaneously by opponents. Each control panel is capable of operating either the offense or the defense, depending on game conditions. The player control panel consists of a trackball, a Play Select board and a dual function LED pushbutton (its primary function is as a Play Select switch and secondary function as a Press-to-Pass switch). When the Play Select switch is active, the LED flashes. When the play has been selected, and after one second, the Play Select LED will go off, changing the switch function to a Press-to-Pass.


Football is a two-player game developed by Atari, Inc. The game is packaged in a cocktail cabinet, graphically illustrated with football plays and action figures. The 19-inch TV monitor displays the different football plays while in the attract mode, enhancing the attraction for passing potential players.


Figure 1-1 Football Control Panel Figure 1-2 Football Cabinet Assembly Figure 1-2 Football Cabinet Assembly The coin mechanism on the front mid-portion of the game cabinet, below the table top as illustrated in Figure 1-1, initiates the play, when a coin or coins are deposited. The cash box is located behind a locked access door. The Football cabinet is shipped to you with an optional wood base as illustrated in Figure 1-2. This base is initially mounted at the factory for shipping convenience. The Football game is another unique concept developed by Atari, which provides the illusion of realism, the realism of action as the players scrimmage and battle for the goal line. The competitive participation of the two opposing players increases as they put their spirit into the track ball. The object of your Atari Football game is for the offensive player (displayed as O's) to score a touchdown at the goal line. This goal line is at the end zone away from the offensive player. The offensive...

Game Inspection

Your new Football game is manufactured ready to play immediately after removal from the shipping carton. Your cooperation is desired in order to supply the final touch of quality control to your game. Therefore, please follow the procedures below to ensure that your game is in perfect condition

Game Concept

All-American Football - the only thing that could top the number one hit Team Quarterback and the legendary Quarterback. All-American Football has all the features of Team Quarterback and much more, all in a streamlined go-anywhere cabinet. All-American Football plays even more like real football. Now with fumbles, fake punts, pileups, and more challenging tackling. An informative new scoreboard highlights new and improved graphics throughout. One to four players can now play as their favorite Pro or College Team. Add this to the passing, pitching, running, and kicking game strategy that players from coast to coast have mastered and your Ail-American Football has the guts for glory.

Led Dark

In Atari Football, the offensive player is set up to control four consecutive offensive plays (described as downs). If in executing those four downs, the offense is able to gain 10 or more yards he automatically receives a first down, giving him another 4 consecutive offensive plays. If a first down is not obtained in 4 plays, the defense will get the ball.


The purpose of this chapter is to provide you with the necessary information for ordering replacement parts for the Football game. When ordering parts from your distributor, give the part number, part name, applicable figure number of this catalog, and serial number of your Football game. This will help to avoid confusion and mistakes in your order. We hope the results will be less downtime and more profit from your game. Figure 5-1 Football Final Assembly A033580-01 D

Starting Up

A rug pattern appears on the CRT screen. When the rug pattern ends, the screen shows CHECKING SCRATCH RAMS, and then CHECKING ROMS. The next screen shows SUPER HIGH IMPACT FOOTBALL REVISION LEVEL, CMOS TEST OK and the COIN SETTING. The game then moves to the Attract Mode.