Selftest Mode

The Self-Test mode is a special mode for checking the game switches and computer functions. It is the easiest and best way to check for proper operation of the entire game.

NOTE: Putting the game into Self-Test will cause it to erase any CREDITS shown at the lower left corner of the screen from its memory.

You may begin a Self-Test at any time by sliding the Self-Test switch to the "ON" position after the power to the game is on. Test switch is located inside coin door under coin meter. When this is done, the game will react as follows:

1. First, there is an explosion sound (same as when your fighter is hit).

2. Immediately following this, you see an upside down test display which lasts for about 1/2 second. (By pushing both the "1 PLAYER" and the "2 PLAYER" buttons at the same time, the picture will turn upside down and stay that way until you release the buttons.)

3. And last, a rightside up test display is shown on the monitor screen. This will remain until you set the Self-Test switch back to the "OFF" position. This test display is shown below.

ROM OK or (a number i.e. 01 21, etc.) UPRIGHT or (TABLE) *1 COIN *1 CREDIT *3 SHIPS RANK *A (B,C,D)

13,14,15,16,17) 1ST BONUS *20000 PTS 2ND BONUS *70000 PTS *AND EVERY 70000 PTS

* = switch selectable

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