Game Options Menu Screen

The illustration shows how this report screen will look after the game has been reset or is first turned on. Use the joystick to advance a variable through its range of choices. Some items have more options than others do. View ail options before selecting one.

The effects of these options can be judged by comparing statistics reports before and after changes were made. As players become more familiar with the game, new features or increased difficulty will make the game challenging and continue to generate interest.

Difficulty adjusts the level of play difficulty. It ranges from easiest to hardest in several steps. Default is Medium.

Health Per Credit determines amount of health credits added to the timer each time a player uses a credit by pressing the START button. It ranges from 300 to 1000. Factory default is 500.

Blood controls whether blood and gore appear on screen when a character is killed. Factory default is Yes.

Freeplay Demo Mode increases the maximum number of health credits allowed on the health timer per game credit beyond normal game limits. Factory default is Off.

Health Decrease Timer sets the speed of the Health timer. It ranges from Off to Fast in several steps. Factory default is Normal.

Texts In selects the language of the on-screen announcements and hints. Selection of a different language changes the player information presented only on the screen. It does not change any of the voice announcements, menu screens or tests. Factory default is English.

Reduce Hints sets the frequency of visual and verbal assistance to a player during the game. Yes decreases the frequency of hints. Factory default is No.

Audio Mode sets the audio output of the game. Use Stereo for cabinets with more than one speaker. Use Mono for cabinets with a single speaker. Factory default is Stereo.

Audio in Attract sets the frequency of game play instructions while the game is idle and in attact mode. It ranges from Never to Always. Factory default is Often.

Cabinet Type configures the number and type of inputs for the cabinet. Factory default is 4 Players 1 Cabinet. Factory default is 4 players 1 cabinet.

Allow Password controls whether the game will save a player's character experience with a three-digit password for later games. Factory default is Yes.

Contest Enabled allows ATARI Games sponsored T-shirt promotion. Players who defeat Skorne by collecting all 12 rune stones and winning the final battle are eligible for an "I Beat Skorne" T-shirt. Factory default is Yes.

Codes Enabled allows use of secret codes. Factory default is Yes

Clear Password files controls password file deletion. Set this feature to Yes to delete all saved character experience and passwords. Factory default is No.

Auto Clear Highscores sets whether the game will automatically reset the high score table from time to time. Factory default is No.

Restore Factory Game Options resets the Game Options. Set this option to Yes to reset the game to factory defualt options. Factory default is No.

Record the High Scores before making any option changes to the game.

NOTE: Changes to Game Difficulty or Number of lives automatically reset the Player High Scores, since these variables directly affect the ability to collect points.

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