Only qualified service personnel should perform maintenance and repairs. The product guidelines apply to all game operators and service personnel. There are specific notes, cautions, and warnings throughout this manual where they apply. Read the SAFETY pages thoroughly before beginning product service.

This game uses complex electronic components that are very SENSITIVE to static electricity.

Observe and follow these precautions prior to handling the game electronics:

1. Ensure that the A.C. power to the game is turned OFF prior to servicing the electronics.

2. Discharge any static electricity build up in your body by first touching the metal power supply chassis. Do this BEFORE touching or handling the electronic assemblies.

3. Store the electronic assemblies in an anti-static area. Use anti-static bags to store or transport the hard disk drive, the CPU Board Assembly, and all other electronics.

4. DO NOT remove or connect any electronic assemblies when the cabinet power is ON. Doing so will damage the electronic assemblies and void the warranty.

5. Always replace ground wires, shields, covers, etc., when maintenance or service is completed.

Remove the tamper-resistant screws and washers at the top front sides of the cabinet. Lower the marquee lightbox assembly backwards to a horizontal position on top of the cabinet. From the rear of the machine, remove the three hex-head sheet metal screws holding the marquee retaining strip to the cabinet while holding the retaining strip in place. Restrain the glass when removing the strip to avoid breakage. Remove the retaining strip and set it aside. Lift marquee glass, plastic channel, and artwork out of the groove and set in a safe place. Do not cross-thread screws during reinstallation. H-

♦ Fluorescent Lamp and Starter

Remove the screws and lower the marquee as described above. Remove the retaining strip, glass, and artwork. Grasp the tube, give it a quarter turn and pull it from its sockets. The starter also requires a quarter turn for removal or installation. Carefully place a new tube into the socket and rotate it a quarter turn to reinstall. Clean the tube to remove fingerprints and dust.

♦ Fluorescent Light Assembly

Remove the screws and lower the marquee as described above. Remove the retaining strip, glass, and artwork. Disconnect the power cable from the fluorescent light assembly. Loosen but do not remove the fasteners holding the assembly to the cabinet. Remove the ground wire. Slide the assembly slightly forward to disengage the screws from the keyholes. Lift out the assembly.

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