Illustrated Parts Lists

This chapter provides information you need to order parts for your game. Common hardware (screws, nuts, washers, etc.) has been deleted from most of the parts lists.

The PCB parts lists are arranged in alphabetical order by component. Each component subsection is arranged al-phanumerically by reference designator or location.

Other parts lists are arranged alphanumerically by Atari part number. In these parts lists, all A-prefix numbers come first. Following these are numbers in sequence evaluated up to the hyphen, namely 00- through 99-, then 000598- through approximately 201000-.

When ordering parts, please give the part number, part name, number of this manual, and serial number of your game. This will help us fill your order rapidly and correctly. We hope the results will be less downtime and more profit from your game.

Atari Customer Service numbers are listed on the inside front cover of this manual.

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