Button Preparation

1. When making the holes for the buttons, DO NOT use the Function Labels to outline any new holes.

The Function Labels are designed to fit right over the buttons when installed on the control panel. If the labels are used as a template the holes will be too big, and the buttons will fall through. Instead, use the labels as a guide to where you want to drill your new holes, and then cut a 1-1/8" hole in the center of where the labels are to be placed. DO NOT stick the labels to the panel at this time.

2. Drill or punch the holes marked for buttons or bolts. Use a chassis or sheet metal punch for best results on button holes.

3. Use a file to smooth any rough edges on the holes.

4. Fill any old and unused holes with wood, resin, or a metal plate.

5. It is recommended that you cover your control panel with Plexiglas. Now would be a good time to cut it to fit while the dimensions and tools are at hand.

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