Control Panel Assembly

1. Install the trackball and buttons on the control panel by following the detailed instructions beginning on page 3. The two red buttons are used for FACE LEFT and FACE RIGHT. The white button is used as the START button. PLEASE NOTE: If you want your new game to earn money, you must install the trackball correctly.

2. If you are using Plexiglas for added protection, don't forget to place it on the panel before inserting the buttons.

3. Wire the trackball and buttons using the JAMMA Harness Connection table on page 26. Connect the trackball using the supplied trackball cable into PLAYER 1 on the Memory Board.

Mount the PCB to the side of the cabinet with the connector toward the top of the drawer. This will keep the wire harness from slipping off due to vibration. Mark and drill pilot holes (3/32") onto the cabinet side, being careful not to drill through to the outside. Attach the PCB standoffs to the cabinet using wood screws and spacers, snug but not too tight or the board may warp or crack. Be sure the board is not being flexed in any way.

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