Control Panel Overlay Installation

1. Make sure the control panel is clean and free from dust, grease, metal filings, and sawdust. The background overlay provided with the game is oversized to accommodate most control panel sizes. Center the background overlay on the control panel surface. Be sure to leave enough excess material above and below the control panel in order to trim it evenly.

2. Remove the protective backing from the background overlay. Center the background overlay over the control panel and place down gently, making sure to keep it square. Using your hands, press down firmly, starting from the center and smooth the background overlay outward, making sure all bubbles have been pressed out for a clean, flat surface.

3. Using a sharp razor knife, trim any excess from the background overlay. Carefully pierce through the overlay above each control panel hole that you have marked. Cut out material covering the pre-drilled holes with the razor knife. Be sure to cut the background overlay above each hole and trim cleanly and evenly.

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