Control Problems


Buttons do not work or are partly inoperable

Coin counter not working

Trackball mounted correctly but is swinging 45s out of line

In a two or more player game, controls only work for players 1 and 3.

Probable Cause

Switches not properly connected

JAM MA harness connected improperly


DIP switch 3 found on the Main Board is not "ON".

On the Main Board DIP switch 2 is in the "OFF position.


Make sure that the common post of the switch is connected to ground.

Make sure each individual switch is working by doing the Control Panel Test found in the SYSTEM TESTS section.

Make sure that the signal wire for that particular switch is connected to the normally open post of the switch.

Identify Pin 1 on the JAMMA connector and on the PCB. If installed incorrectly, damage to the PCB may have occurred.

Make sure that the signal wire has a connection from the switch to the board.

Make sure +12v is hooked up to the counter.

The signal wire is not connected to coin counter. (Check continuity.)

Verify that the counter is good.

Make sure the DIP switch 3 is "ON"

DIP switch 2 must be in the "ON" position for cabinets with one set of player controls.

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