Miscellaneous Problems


Probable Cause


Green L.E.D. not blinking

Program not running

Make sure all socketed I.C.'s are

seated correctly. Look for bent


No power

Blown fuse. Check for +5v before

and after the fuse. Adjust power

supply for +5v after the fuse. Use

fast blow fuses only.

Bad connections

Make sure you have continuity

from PCB to power supply.

Operator adjustables keep

Loose pin on ASIC (U1)

Call Incredible Technologies, Inc.


Low battery voltage

Battery should be 2 to 3 volts.

Sounds bad

Bad static RAM


Game comes up in Test Mode


Check the speaker connections.

Dip Switch 1 is "OFF"

Make sure Dip Switch 1, on the

Main PC board, is in the "ON"


Trackball mounted correctly

Dip switch 3 found on the Main

Make sure the Dip switch 3 is "ON".

but is swinging 459 out of line.

board is not "ON".

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