Power Wires

1. Connect the wires that are designated for your power supply. You will need a supply of +5 vdc, and +12 vdc. The +5 vdc must be regulated to within 5% (+ or - 0.25 . The +12 vdc may be unregulated but should not stray too far or the sound may be affected. If the cabinet's supply does not provide these voltages, it will have to be replaced. A switching-type supply is recommended.

2. You will notice that you have more than one wire for each voltage. Use all wires supplied on the harness. This will ensure better power transmission and prevent overloading of the edge connector pads.

3. Tin all power supply wires before connecting them to the power supply. Loose strands may short out the supply. For best results, connect spade lugs to the ends of the power wires and attach to the screw terminals of the power supply.

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