Color key note

For easy identification, all test screens have been color coded. Items displayed in GREEN are the Menu titles. This is the name of the menu that is currently displayed. Items appearing in YELLOW are the menu's instructions. The BLUE items are choices available in this menu. The WHITE item is the selection that is currently highlighted. If RED is ever displayed, there is a problem with that item and it should be corrected.

The VOL UME SETTINGS screen is used to adjust the sounds that are heard during game play.

The VOL UME SETTINGS screen is used to adjust the sounds that are heard during game play.


When this screen appears, music will play. Move the trackball to the right to increase the game's sounds and music. Rolling the trackball to the left will make the game sounds softer. When you have adjusted the sounds to the appropriate volume, press the START button to e*it back to the main menu.

The volume can also be set using optional volume up/down push button switches. 5ee page 8 for more information on this feature.

The OPERA TOR AbJUSTABLES MENU is accessed through the OPERATOR MODE MENU. From the OPERATOR MODE MENU, roll the trackball down or up to highlight the words OPERA TOR AbJUSTABLES MENU which will then appear in purple letters. Now press the START button, and the OPERATOR AbJUSTABLES MENU will appear on the screen.


As you can see, there are many possible customizing procedures that you can control. Below is a brief description of each adjustable function and what the screen looks like when displayed. Remember, to select an item from any menu, using the trackball to highlight the item in purple, and then press the START button.

Game Mode selection

This menu allows you to place the game in standard Coin Mode, or choose Free Play.


In COIN MODE, the game will only work if coins are deposited into the game.

In FREE PLAY, coins are not needed for play, and the START button is always active.

Game Resets

The GAME RESETS menu will cancel or zero out any custom features or bookkeeping figures that are no longer wanted.

accounting information each week, or after each collection, it is a good practice to reset all of the audits so your coin count will match the audit information.

Attract Mode Sounds_

This menu is used to adjust the sounds that are heard while no one is playing the game.

attract mode sounds menu

ALL ATTRACT MODE SOUNDS ON will play sounds during every attract cycle.

OCCASIONAL ATTRACT MODE SOUNDS plays sounds about every ten to twelve times the attract mode is repeated.

ALL ATTRACT MODE SOUNDS OFF will not allow any sounds to be played during the attract mode.

RESET ALL TO FACTORY SETTINGS will change the game back to the way the game was preset when new. Any custom features such as Free Play and Skill Levels will be changed back to the original settings set at the factory.

RESET HIGH SCORES ONLY is used to erase all of the high scores stored in memory.

RESET AUDITS ONLY is used when all of your bookkeeping and statistics have been gathered from the Audits section, and are no longer needed. If you like to gather all of your

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