Use the Voltage Test screen to adjust your power supply. When the screen says "Voltage OK", your power supply is properly adjusted to 5.2 volts on the PCB. Adjust the +5 Volt supply so that you read 5.2 Volts across an I,C. on the circuit board. If measured at the power supply, the reading will be higher at the power supply outputs.

3. Make sure the green and yellow LED on the PCB is f lashing. If not, something is wrong, turn off the game.

4. Listen for sound. Sounds should be heard in the attract mode.

5. If you do not hear any sounds and the yellow LED is flashing, try turning up the volume and check the speaker connections. Dropping a coin through a coin switch should cause a sound.

6. How is the picture? Is it centered or is it too bright or too Is it in focus? Adjust your monitor to get the best picture possible.

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