Check your monitor manual to make adjustments. Some test patterns are available through the game's system tests by pressing the Test switch. Use them when making any adjustments. (See SYSTEM TESTS information on page 19. Proper monitor adjustment is very important.)

7. Try all coin switches. Drop quarters or tokens through to check the coin mechs. Make sure the game is adding credits. You can use the Player Control Tests by pressing the test switch and entering the SYSTEM TEST MENU. Do all of the controls work? Try playing the game with the volume up and listen for rattling as you play. Tighten anything that is making noise.

8. Upon initial power-up, the game will initialize to factory default settings. These settings affect game elements such as number of credits per coin, difficulty settings, etc. The OPERA TOR AOJUSTABLES MOOEsecfion will describe how to alter these settings and view the system audits or run system tests.


The main dip switches can be found on the PCB near the JAMMA (SW1).

Dip switch 4 (ON): Always "ON" (DEFAULT)

Dip switch 3 (ON): Trackball normal (DEFAULT)

Dip switch 3 (OFF): Trackball mounted at 45┬░ angle

Dip switch 2 (ON): One Trackball (DEFAULT)

Dip switch 2 (OFF): Two Trackballs Dip switch 1 (ON): Normal Same Play (DEFAULT)

Dip switch 1 (OFF): Operator Mode Menu

There are also dip switches near the green LED (SW2). Switches #1 and #2 must be "ON" and switches #3 and #4 should be "OFF".


To enter the OPERATORMO├ľEMENU, press the Test Button, located just inside the coin door. When the Test Button is pressed or DIP Switch 1 is flipped on SW1 to the "OFF" position, the screen displays the OPERATOR MODE MENU.

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